San Diego Computer Rentals & National Computer Rentals Since 1990

San Diego computer rentals available for local delivery or nationwide shipping. Coming to the San Diego Convention Center and need computer rentals? Look no further than Mac Rentals for all of your temporary technology needs and computer hire.

Featuring Dell and Intel-based Towers. Typical software load includes Windows 8 or Windows 7 and MS Office 2010. Windows XP Pro and MS Office 2007. Other options are available on request.

Ask about our Corporate Training, Cyber Cafes, Exhibits, Registration, and Office packages.

Basic Workstations. Configured with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 4GB Ram, 200GB Hard Drive, CDRW, and 10/100 ethernet. Bundled with 17” or 19" LCD monitors. Cost effective solution for general office use.

Core i7, i5, Quad Core, Core 2 Duo Systems. Configured with genuine Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or faster processor, 1GB Ram, 500GB - 1TB Hard Drive, DVD/CDRW, 256MB PCI-E Video, and 10/100 ethernet. Bundled with 17” LCD monitors.

Custom Configurations. More memory, better video, larger hard drives, larger monitors, and/or different operating systems. Let us know your requirements and we can build to your specifications.

Many LCD monitors available including 15”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, 27”, and 30”.

Ask about our Imaging service for large computer orders. We provide a system in advance for you to load software and test. We take that system and make all the rest of the systems with identical loads.