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Huge Inventory and Timely, Professional Delivery
Mac Rentals, Inc. Boasts one of the largest inventory of Computers, Laptops, LCD and Plasma Displays, and Projectors on the West Coast. Name Brands like Apple Macintosh, Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, NEC, and many more!
Find out why so many other rental companies get their equipment from US!

Your Equipment, Your Way
At Mac Rentals we can help you rent the computer and audiovisual equipment you need. Your computer will come with the operating system you specify...from older to the latest. If you have a custom software image you need us to load, we can do so on 1-500 computers. We'll archive your image and provide your corporate-branded laptop to your staff or customers on demand with just one phone call! Imagine having an IT department with unlimited inventory available to you anytime! Want an Internet Cafe for your next show? No problem! Need 50" Plasma Displays? How many? Let us help you! Our San Diego based inventory is available to you nationwide!

Windows Computers
Don't let our name fool you! We have thousands of Windows-based laptops and towers ready for your meeting, conference, or convention. Choose from Windows XP or Vista. With name brands like Dell, Toshiba, IBM, and Hewlett Packard a phone call away, we can make your next event a hit. Click on the links to your left to see some examples of what we have. Reserve yours today! Don't see what your looking for? We have thousands of items too long to list... call us to see if we have it or let us get it for you! 800-756-6227

Apple Macintosh Computers
Our name says it all. Since 1989 we've been the nation's choice in Macintosh computer rentals. With more Macs than you can imagine, choose from G4 or G5 Towers (Single and Dual Processor), iMacs (G4 & G5 all sizes), eMacs, Mac Minis, iBooks, PowerBooks (12-17"), MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and a huge variety of Macintosh LCDs up to the amazing 30" Apple Cinema Display! Operating systems from Mac OS 9, X, Panther, & Tiger. Click on the links to the left to see examples of our rentals, or call us and let us assist you with your Macintosh rental needs!

Plasmas, Projectors, LCD Displays
Too many to mention! We have hundreds of LCD displays up to an impressive 30 inches. Plasmas up to 61 inches, and LCD projectors in all brightnesses to help make your event shine! Whether you're looking for 1 or 500, let Mac Rentals show you why we're the industry's best-kept secret for equipment rentals! Click on the links to your left to see. We Feature Sony, Pioneer, NEC, Fujitsu, & Samsung Plasmas.

Printers, Copiers, and Office Equipment
We proudly feature Hewlett Packard black and color laser printers for all of your rental needs. Mac and PC compatible with USB, Parallel, and/or Network connections to connect to any computer. We also carry a full line of fax machines and copiers ranging from small table top models to ulta-fast stapling and collating models. We have what you need!