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This guide is specially designed for help with connecting a printer rented from Mac Rentals to your Windows computer network.

Windows XP Network Printer Setup Guide -

1. Turn on all equipment (switches, computers, printers)
2. Click "Start" from the bottom left corner of the screen.
3. Click "Programs" From the menu.
4. From extended menu choose "HP Install Network Printer Wizard"
5. Select "HP Install Network Printer Wizard" and run it.
6. Choose "NO" if the program ask to update to a newer version.
7. "Select from a list of detected printers" should be selected by default. click "Next."
8. The Wizard will automatically identify printers on the network.
If no printers are found please see troubleshooting guide below.
9. Select the printer you wish to network to and click next. (Write down the model number printer you choose, For Example: HP 4250)
10. By default "Configure network settings for me" is selected click next.
11. Select "Install a driver from a printer installation disk or driver file" from the choices and press next.
12. From the pull down menu choose drive "C"
13. Double Click on "HP Drivers" from the choices.
14. In the HP Drivers menu choose the folder with the model number printer you wrote down earlier. Open it.
15. Choose the model of the printer you are installing.
16. Click the box "Use this printer as the default printer for Windows-based Programs" Click "Next"
17. As default leave "Not Shared" selected and click "Next"
18. Click "Install"
19. Print a test page.

Troubleshooting -
1. Are all switches, computers, printers turned on?
2. Is all the hardware configured correctly? (make sure no cables are plugged into the uplink port of the switch)
3. If internet is plugged into switch unplug it and re-run the wizard. (Some firewalls block ports)

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