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This guide is specially designed for help with connecting a printer rented from Mac Rentals to your Apple Macintosh OS X (10.3-10.5) computer network.

Macintosh Network Printer Setup Guide -

1 Turn on all equipment (switches,computers, printers)
2. Click on the apple symbol on the top left hand corner of the screen.
3. Select "System Preferences"
4. In the System Preferences panel choose "Print & Fax"
5. Choose the + symbol under the "Click + to add a printer or fax"
6. Select the printer you wish to add and press "Add"

Troubleshooting -
1. Are all switches, computers, printers turned on?
2. Is all the hardware configured correctly? (make sure no cables are plugged into the uplink port of the switch)
3. If internet cable is plugged into switch unplug it and re-run the wizard. (Some firewalls block ports)

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