Mac Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you rent to individuals as well as businesses?

At Mac Rentals and, we value the individual renter just as we do corporate, government, and educational renters. Many of our Mac Rentals clients start as small individual rentals, and grow from there!

Q: How does renting from Mac Rentals and work?

Take a look at our website and get an idea of the equipment you would like, then either select “Request A Quote” at the top of our website or give us a call. At Mac Rentals and you can quickly speak to a real, live person ready to help you get the equipment you need.

Q: How short or long a term do you rent for?

You can rent computer, office, or audiovisual equipment from Mac Rentals for as short a period as a day or as long as you like. Some items may be purchased for a discount at the end of the rental period.

Q: Will I be charged for the days the equipment is in transit to me or back to Mac Rentals?

No, you will be quoted a rental rate for the actual days you are using the equipment. Roundtrip shipping charges will be quoted which will get you the equipment on time for when you need it, and back to us. Transit time is not charged for. by Mac Rentals.

Q: How do I return an item to you or ship it back?

Most often a Mac Rentals representative will quote you a roundtrip shipping rate. Your equipment will arrive in easy to repack containers or boxes, and a return shipping label (usually UPS) will be provided. In most cases you simply give the equipment to your UPS driver or bring it to a UPS shipping center.

Q: Is your rental equipment insured?

All equipment rented from Mac Rentals, Inc. is your responsibility. Contact your insurance company for coverage on rented items. We take a security deposit authorization on your credit card based upon the value of the equipment you’re renting. You will get this deposit back once the equipment you rented is returned on time without damage.